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Three Flight dispatchers working at computers in office overlayed with REDiFly dispatch software device

REDiFly Dispatch 

Flight Operations tool: Streamline your flight operations management. Add aircraft to scheduled flights, manage fuel, and order necessary arrival services with access to flight, aircraft, crew, and passenger details. 

Flight watch: Give your flight operations manager an overview of the entire fleet status, and stay informed and up to date on the planned and actual schedule with real-time updates. 

Ops management: Never miss an important detail again with notifications that can be configured to track critical aspects of your operation, avoid overlapped flights, misplaced documents, and exceeded CAMO limitations

Access to critical data at your fingertips, our Dispatch module, gives your flight operations manager the tools and information they need to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Ops control tool gives dispatchers an overview of the entire operational status. Our intuitive design makes it easy to manage and process details from airport slots to flight status, checklists, departure and arrival services, and more. Monitor airport handling services for future contracts.

Our color-coded timeline highlights where actions are needed, and data is updated in real-time and automatically synced with all relevant departments within your organization.

REDiFly Scheduling 

Create Flights: Create flights and rotations based on the IATA format, and easily create full schedules for a defined period with the option to add virtual aircraft.  

Sync with booking system: Intuitive interfaces that enable you to synchronize the schedule with booking systems & airport slot management and, repeat customer contracts 

Report management: EASA-compliant reporting process, create custom reports add documents, with an intuitive risk assessment process for all aspects of your flight operations.

Large navy screen displaying airport flight schedule, overlayed with REDiFly flight scheduling software device

Intuitive Interface allows for the easy creation of flights and rotations based on IATA formats, easily creates the schedule for a defined period, effective resource management tool allows for the addition of virtual aircraft.

Allow seasonal viewing of updated schedules ahead of time for flight forecasting and increased passenger demands. Add virtual aircraft and view airport spot vacancies. Manage customer preferences and contracts for repeat frequent flyers.
Easily deduce your total free capacity visualized through our graphical interface.

Airport slot management and flight confirmation processes are included allowing for seamless integration with operators’ scheduling and booking systems. The report management tool is fully EASA compliant and allows for the creation of customizable and downloadable reports

three female cabin crew in blue uniform prepare to board flight with black suitcases in hand

REDiFly Crew

Crew Control: Our complete crew planning suite complete with drag and drop functionality allowing your team to easily, create full crew schedules in a matter of minutes.   

My Schedule: All crew members get a full breakdown of their schedule that includes, dates, times, and duties. Easily make requests for leave and manage special requests.  

Crew Portal-give your crew access to a personalized roster view, check-in for flights, manage travel and hotel requests as well as duty-related expenses and flight and leave the bidding

Our Crew module gives users access to all crew data in one place. Our crew control tool allows for fast and efficient creation of complete crew rosters making use of color coding and drag and drop functionality for enhanced usability.  

Keep track of all required certifications, training and endorsements and notify your team of any upcoming expiry. Your Crew are automatically updated on any changes or updates to their schedule and can make requests for leave and submit special requests.  

Handover lists can be created for the next crew complete with information regarding destinations, airport information, hotel feedback and more. The employee base sheet creates a personal profile for each crew member which helps with organization, audits and compliance

REDiFly Sales 

Flight Requests: seamlessly receive flight requests from registered brokers and online marketplaces such as Avinode. Save time by generating quotes, contracts, and invoices all from within the module. 

Optimized Quotes: get notified, respond to requests, generate quotes, and calculate your profit margins all within a matter of seconds.  

Trips: Create trips and add passengers using our intuitive interface which pulls the necessary data to generate quotes and calculate the costs and profitability of a trip, all visualized in graphical form.

White private jet sits on runway under a blue sky overlayed with REDiFly sales software device

REDiFly Sales is the complete software solution for optimizing your sales process. Receive requests from registered brokers and online marketplaces such as Avinode. Once a request comes through you can accurately assess your capability to fulfill the service by calculating the total cost of the trip. Data on distance, flight time, fuel usage, flight charges and more is used to generate quotes that ensure profitability 

Download and access quotes from other operators to give your sales team a competitive edge while still maintaining your desired profit margins. Setting can be configured based on a clients varying need, with the option to define pricing modules based on individual brokers or passengers. Clients with ACMI leases get access to the OPS control tool allowing them to directly enter their desired flights and schedule .  

Store and record passenger information including preferences and personal details. Passenger info will be sent to your crew as soon as they are assigned to a flight. All relevant data will be automatically sent to crew and operations team members enabling a connected and more efficient workflow.  

five airline staff sat around a table receiving training from an instructor who is using a whiteboard

REDiFly Training 

Document management: All crew certificates in one place, stored in an easy to use and searchable repository meaning no more missing documents and no more costly delays.  

Compliance monitoring: Plan and execute audits, assess safety and carry out risk assessments. Automated Notifications and reminders mean details aren’t missed.  

Course planning: Avoid crew shortages due to license expiry and ensure all mandatory training has been completed. Plan courses for crew and external training providers, and assign staff to courses based on their availability.  


REDiFly Training gives you access to a complete and searchable repository of all training certifications and documents. Ensure all necessary training has been completed and certifications are valid across all departments resulting in minimal interruption to schedule. Plan courses for crew and external training providers.  

Easily create training schedules and assign crew members based on their individual availability. Improve compliance by receiving automatic notifications when staff need revalidations or training updates.  

Enhanced compliance monitoring features allow your team to plan and execute audits and carry out risk and safety assessments, all of which can be configured to fit our client’s workflow. The Questionnaire module is available upon request enabling auto revalidation of checks to be set up through use of online questionnaires. The training module is Fully integrated in crew planning, crew control and employee base sheets with relevant data being atomically transferred to the team members who need it in real time.


Electronic Tech Log 

Connect your workforce with the REDiFly Electronic Tech Log 

➡️   Superior data quality

➡️   More efficient line maintenance 

➡️   Enhanced safety and compliance 

➡️   Connected workforce 

The REDiFly Electronic tech Log displayed on a white tablet device

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Our client relations are the cornerstone of our business and we take pride in our ability to build pro-active problem solving relationships. Our team is available for 24/7 support to ensure your operation runs smoothly. 

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“ CBL is our operational platform and provides us with an efficient software according to our needs. We are very satisfied with the service provided by CBL as well as the quick reaction time of the support team.”
Pascal Montagner,
IT-Coordinator & IT-Officer & EFB-Administrator At PEOPLES
“For our operations offering tailor-made solutions to our customers we requiere as well a tailor-made solutions as our operational platform. CBL Winops provides us with a tool that enables us to work in a complex environment more effective and efficiently.”
raphael ritter,
Flight operations manager at zIMEX aVIATION
''CBL is our operational platform for long time ago, is an excellent and fully customizable system supporting our daily operations. The efficiency of the system, the flexibility of the team and willingness in general to adapt to our specific needs, feel like the ideal partner.''
Christian Suhner,
“A powerful aviation software solution having plenty useful integrations, we are fully delighted with CBL, and sincerely recommend it.”
Michael Kienzle,

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