General Features

  • Fully web bases, access anywhere
  • Most functions available on smartphones, tablets
  • Module access by user
  • Auto assignment to Modules by function
  • Alert by user
  • To Dos by user
  • Process orientated
  • Support by optimizing processes
  • Development of customer wishes
  • Reports on customer requests
  • EASA part AirOps, Part NCC compliant
  • EASA part FCL compliant
  • Supplier contract management system bases on functions
  • Running Process management system based on functions
  • Individual Report tool
  • Reports automatically send option on regular base
  • Reports visible in the selected modules
  • Menu design by the operator
  • Power BI Report supporting
  • Single Sign-on
  • Build in Reports customizable


Allows storing additional information about your staff.


Crews can add receipts to certain cost centers, aircrafts or flights. The accounting department can approve them with only one click. As you can select different payment methods the cash refund or the controlling of credit card invoice can be accomplished in a very efficient way. To get your costs under control you may generate different report such as the cost of a flight or a trip.

Services Control

Creates a list of possible services used during departure and arrival. When a crewmember is using the crew feedback module the used services can be selected. Each service can be configured to be sent automatically by email ( invoice the client directly such as deicing). All services used can be viewed to verify the amount charged.

Fuel Control

Yourself or an external Fuel Management Company can review each flight’s fuel figures. If the figures are entered via the Crew Feedback Module you can generate statistics about the accuracy of your Operational Flight Plan to calculate the BIAS.

Per diem calculation

This module generates the per diem of each crewmember when away from homebase. It allows different expense rules for each country and even individual airports.