Continuous Airworthiness

General Features

  • Fully web bases, access anywhere
  • Most functions available on smartphones, tablets
  • Module access by user
  • Auto assignment to Modules by function
  • Alert by user
  • To Dos by user
  • Process orientated
  • Support by optimizing processes
  • Development of customer wishes
  • Reports on customer requests
  • EASA part AirOps, Part NCC compliant
  • EASA part FCL compliant
  • Supplier contract management system bases on functions
  • Running Process management system based on functions
  • Individual Report tool
  • Reports automatically send option on regular base
  • Reports visible in the selected modules
  • Menu design by the operator
  • Power BI Report supporting
  • Single Sign-on
  • Build in Reports customizable

Crew Feedback

The crew can enter the post flight data. This includes all relevant information about the flight. Entries are different for flight and cabin crew. Also check‐in and check‐out times are automatically calculated and can be edited in case they are different than set as default. This allows a real‐time Duty Control. (see Duty Regulation)

In addition, information from the services used and aircraft status messages will be entered. The Crew may enter catering feedbacks after each flight; future caterings can be adapted according to the collected feedback.

Maintenance Snag Reporting

Allows to track aircraft “defects” not relevant to the CofA. e.g. cabin items, loose items etc. The snag list is automatically printed on the briefing or is also visible in the Handover Module.


Define which functions are allowed to do TechLog entries. When a TechLog entry has been completed it will generate an alert for the Maintenance Department. Maintenance can either defer it to the ADDL or close it. In addition a work order for a JAR 145 organization may be created. To close the loop the 145 organizations will get a one time login to the system to close the work order. This information is viewable for the Flight Crew on the briefing.


To have an overview of your stock on board you can create different types of inventory lists. For example alcohol list, spare part list, tool list etc. The module stores information such as expiry dates or part numbers. An empty stock is detected easily, because an automated alarm will be triggered. Moreover inventory can be rated.

DOR (Daily Operation Report)

During daily operation different abnormalities may occur. This Module defines different categories of occurrences. The occurrences can be easily recorded. The Management can create reports over a defined period. In addition a daily E‐Mail report is generated with flown flights, cancelled flights and occurrences.