Flight Crew

General Features

  • Fully web bases, access anywhere
  • Most functions available on smartphones, tablets
  • Module access by user
  • Auto assignment to Modules by function
  • Alert by user
  • To Dos by user
  • Process orientated
  • Support by optimizing processes
  • Development of customer wishes
  • Reports on customer requests
  • EASA part AirOps, Part NCC compliant
  • EASA part FCL compliant
  • Supplier contract management system bases on functions
  • Running Process management system based on functions
  • Individual Report tool
  • Reports automatically send option on regular base
  • Reports visible in the selected modules
  • Menu design by the operator
  • Power BI Report supporting
  • Single Sign-on
  • Build in Reports customizable

Crew Schedule View

Employees can see their roster online.

Crew Briefing

Crews can see actual briefings for their upcoming flights. Passenger profiles, if available, will also be shown.

Dispatch may attach documents to each flight and shown to the Crewmembers. Crewmembers can also retrieve the information out of the Airport Information Module.

Airport Information

Different categories can be defined. This module is a crew information tool. Each crewmember can add useful information about an airport, country or region. This information will be sent with the briefing or can be viewed.

Crew Handover

Crews can issue notes to the next crew. This information is visible automatically at the next briefing. Handover templates can be stored and requested by the crew to be completed.